5 interesting Chromecast apps for Android

Got Chromecast? Google’s simple $35 streaming stick has been great for basic stuff since the start, but as more diverse third-party apps start to show up for the device, its capabilities are growing even greater.

Some apps have been around for a while — things like Netflix, Pandora, HBO Go, and Hulu Plus, for instance — but there are also some less obvious options you might not have yet noticed. And some of ‘em offer pretty interesting possibilities for making your Chromecast do more.

Here are five Chromecast apps for Android that are worth checking out:

1. MyCastScreen

Chromecast’s default home screen — you know, the rotating photographs with a clock in the corner — sure is attractive. But it isn’t terribly functional.

If you want to put a little more punch in your Chromecast display, MyCastScreen might be just the thing for you. The 99-cent app lets you cast cards with the time and date, local weather, local traffic, and current news headlines from a source of your choice onto your TV screen.

Chromecast Apps Android: MyCastScreen

The app is pretty limited in terms of customization at the moment, but its developer promises much more is on the way soon — including additional cards along with options for custom background images and hiding or rearranging cards on the screen.

2. Dayframe

Wish your Chromecast could act as a custom slideshow and cycle through your favorite social media photos? Meet Dayframe. The app connects to a variety of online services — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, 500px, and even Dropbox — and mixes up all the content you want to create an ongoing personalized stream.

You can also set Dayframe to show a variety of random images related to specific topics, like space, architecture, or different types of art.

Chromecast Apps Android: Dayframe

The main Dayframe app is free, though it does place a small logo on top of all content on your screen. You’ll need to upgrade to the Prime version in order to get rid of that; the upgrade is done via an in-app purchase and costs three bucks (but is occasionally on sale for 99 cents).

3. AllCast

If you’ve been dying to stream local content from your phone to your TV, AllCast is just the program you’ve been waiting for. The app makes it easy to cast images, videos, and music from your phone’s internal storage to a Chromecast device, giving you a hassle-free way to get your non-cloud-connected material onto the big screen.

The app works with Dropbox and Google Drive, too, in case you ever want to cast specific images or multimedia files from either of those places.

Chromecast Apps Android: AllCast

AllCast is more focused on manual file-by-file casting as opposed to the ongoing slideshow type of thing Dayframe does, but if that’s what you’re looking to do, it’s certainly worth a look.

The main AllCast app is free but limits you to one minute for viewing any particular picture or video. In order to lift that restriction, you’ll have to pony up five bucks for a premium license.

4. Pocket Casts

One of the best podcast apps on Android now works with Chromecast. Get your favorite audio and/or video programs on your TV with the tap of a single button — what more could you want?

5. Binary Clock for Chromecast

This one’s a bit silly but still fun: As its name suggests, the app lets you cast a simple binary clock onto your TV screen. You can customize the color as well.

Chromecast Apps Android: Binary Clock

Geek-filled gatherings may never be the same.

Source: http://blogs.computerworld.com/mobile-apps/23674/chromecast-apps-android

Google launches official support forum for Chromecast users

Google has launched a support forum for Chromecast users, especially meant for those still trying to figure out how to make their Chromecast dongles work, or how to pair it with the app. Apart from answering the other most frequently asked questions, there are various setup guides available.

The FAQ section of the Chromecast forum states a number of common questions along with the links to their solutions. Some of the questions deal with the minimum requirements queries, cast extension drop-down, troubles in setting up the Chromecast, Wi-Fi errors and much more.

One can further get the Chromecast support by calling by phone on 1-855-836-3987 or by mailing them via their email link.

The search engine giant in February also released the Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers, which would allow developers to easily build Chromecast support into their apps, making them into Google Cast-ready apps. John Affaki, Engineering Manager, Chromecast in a blog post revealed that the SDK is now available on Android and iOS as well as on Chrome through the Google Cast browser extension.

Google emphasised the ease of porting apps to the Google Cast framework, adding: “The Google Cast SDK is simple to integrate because there’s no need to write a new app. Just incorporate the SDK into your existing mobile and web apps to bring your content to the TV.”

Google Chromecast was launched in July last year as part of the company’s attempt to make it easier for people to access Internet content on their televisions. The Chromecast can be plugged into an HDMI port on flat-panel TVs and brings Netflix, Google’s YouTube site and other Internet content.

Source: http://gadgets.ndtv.com/internet/news/google-launches-official-support-forum-for-chromecast-users-486090


Photo Cast lets iOS devices send photos to Chromecast

Photo Cast

After Google opened up the Chromecast to all developers who were interested, it was only a matter of time until we started seeing apps hit Android and iOS markets alike.

One such app that’s especially useful for iOS users, will send photos to a Chromecast. The app is called Photo Cast and is available for free.

After installing the app the only setup required is to grant the app permission to access your photos, and tapping on the Chromecast icon to select the device you’d like to send the photos to.

Then, any photos you select will show up on your TV automagically. You can even start playing a slideshow, with an adjustable timer for each slide.

Some downsides currently are the inability to send videos from your iDevice to Chromecast, and of course there’s no way to continue a slideshow while the app runs in the background.

Download Photo Cast for Chromecast.

Source: http://howto.cnet.com/8301-11310_39-57619230-285/photo-cast-lets-ios-devices-send-photos-to-chromecast/

Tube Cast app brings Chromecast support to Windows Phone

Love your Windows Phone but hate that it doesn’t work with Google’s ultra-affordable Chromecast? Finally a crafty developer has found a way to make the two play nice in the sandbox. A new free Windows Phone app, Tube Cast, allows Windows Phone users view YouTube videos on the big screen via Google’s Chromecast.

The app functions similar to many other YouTube apps. Users can view and search the never-ending library of YouTube’s videos. The key here is this is the first app we know of that supports the Chromecast on the Windows Phone platform. However, the app won’t allow you to pause, stop, rewind, or fast-forward playback while connected to the Chromecast, which is kind of disappointing considering these are pretty much a must-have for any YouTube app. Hopefully the developer will add this feature in a future update, or more polished apps with Chromecast support will soon hit the Windows Phone OS.

While it’s exciting to see Windows Phone get some attention here, Tube Cast’s lack of basic features when using the Chromecast is exactly why Windows Phone continues to lag behind iOS and Android. Developers, let alone good developers, just aren’t putting out quality apps for the Windows Phone platform unless their name is Microsoft.

Source: http://mindofthegeek.com/2014/02/17/tube-cast-app-brings-chromecast-support-to-windows-phone/

WatzOn.TV Brings 5000 New Channels to Google Chromecast

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) February 14, 2014

Chromecast lets you bring any type of video seamlessly from a Chromecast-enabled mobile app or a laptop to the TV screen for a completely custom-made viewing experience.

It allows WatzOn.TV’s 5000 channels to be played on any TV, and the phone lets you skip, pause, get information and switch channels while using a smartphone as usual.

On iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, you can use WatzOn.TV while simultaneously using these devices for other tasks, making television watching and multi-tasking a breeze. After downloading WatzOn.TV from the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store, just choose a WatzOn.TV channel, touch the screen and tap the Cast button on top menu bar to watch the channel on a TV. A device then becomes a remote control which can be used to pause, skip or change channels, as well as use other apps at the same time.

To start watching a favorite music videos with Chromecast via Google Chrome browser, install the Google Cast extension plugin, then just tap or click on the Chromecast icon to select which device to cast video.

“Google Chromecast has finally made SMART TV easy to use,” said Brad Waddell, the Managing Director for WatzOn.TV. “Our company has been looking forward to this since the device was shipped, and now we can realize our main goal of having WatzOn.TV content on any TV set wirelessly and without any configuration. Chromecast is the easiest system we have ever seen to manage a television and people prefer typing on a smartphone to using a TV remote to move things around on the big screen. Chromecast turns TV into a social sharing platform where multiple people can control it via their phones — it’s a new TV revolution.”

About Google Chromecast

With Chromecast, one can easily enjoy a favorite online entertainment, from HDTV—movies to TV shows, music, and more from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Google Play Movies and Music, and Chrome. No more huddling around small screens and tiny speakers. Chromecast automatically updates to work with a growing number of apps. Chromecast works with devices one already owns, including Android tablets and smartphones, iPhones®, iPads®, Chrome for Mac® and Chrome for Windows®. Browse for what to watch, control playback, and adjust volume using any of these devices. Get started in 3 easy steps: plug Chromecast into any HDTV, connect it to WiFi, then send videos and more from a smartphone, tablet or laptop to a TV with the press of a button.

About WatzOn.TV

WatzOn.TV is an application driven by end-user channel creation – it takes 60 seconds to make a channel for a favorite band or singer and watch them 24 hours a day or mix them with other channels. When a user is on WatzOn.TV, he can decide what kind of television experience he wants every day! It’s also perfect for businesses that are making their own TV shows, tutorial articles, reviews, clips, funny commentary or any other video vehicles. Another key feature is the ability to pick up where one leaves off – there’s nothing better than having the system remember where one leaves off on a show and continue from that point without having to search. WatzOn.TV is available for immediate download at iTunes and on Google Play and can be found online at http://www.watzontv.com/pages/intro.

Founded in 2013, WatzOn.TV is a worldwide innovator in on-demand video content streaming. The company offers a suite of applications designed to push video content out to any user who uses an iPhone, iPad, Android or computer and enjoys on-demand streaming content and content curating. The ease of use and integration with video mediums make it easy to use and accessible anywhere there is Wi-Fi or internet connectivity. WatzOn.TV will be presenting their new technology at CES and SXSW Interactive, top interactive trade shows in 2014.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1739437#ixzz2tYFADrEG

Brightcove enables Chromecast app developers to add ads

Brightcove can now enable content providers who are developing apps for Google Chromecast to dynamically insert ads in their content streams.

Brightcove recently acquired Unicorn Media, which had developed a product suite that performs cloud-based digital ad insertion (DAI) and “video stitching.” Using Unicorn Media’s Once technology, Brightcove can build a content stream complete with ads and deliver it from the cloud. Ads can be delivered on a personalized basis.

Brightcove said Once reduces or eliminates the need for platform-specific ad technology, making it possible to deliver live or on-demand video with customized programming and targeted advertising to a wide range of devices.

By relying on Brightcove Once, app developers are relieved from having to deal with client-side code, SDKs or plugins, Brightcove said. Brightcove Once facilitates the automatic transfer of metadata back to the user’s Apple or Android-based Chromecast app to allow for the seamless delivery of applicable, geo-targeted ads that integrate into the video stream without buffering.

As a result, Chromecast publishers can deliver a seamless, television-like experience, complete with personalized ads stitched directly into the video stream.

Using Brightcove Once, publishers can also easily reach a wide range of mobile and connected devices in addition to Chromecast without additional investment.

With Brightcove Once UX, Chromecast publishers can incorporate interactive video ads, insert ad overlays in video streams, hide controls to prevent fast-forwarding through ads and more.

Brightcove Once also captures detailed analytics so publishers can assess content and ad performance in real time.

Google recently decided to unlock its Chromecast software development kit (SDK), enabling anyone to write apps that can run on Chromecast, Brightcove pointed out.

“Chromecast has quickly become one of the top three selling electronics devices on Amazon and offers some of the most popular online entertainment options, including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus and Google Play movies and music, with new apps coming on board at a rapid pace,” said AJ McGowan, Brightcove’s chief technology officer. “Broadcasters and content owners that want to quickly take advantage of Chromecast can now leverage Brightcove Once to deliver premium video content streams that include targeted advertising.”

Chromecast is a $35 dongle that plugs into HDTVs. Viewers can then stream content from a smartphone, tablet or laptop through their Wi-Fi routers to their TVs. The originating device becomes the remote control.

Source: http://www.cedmagazine.com/news/2014/02/brightcove-enables-chromecast-app-developers-to-add-ads

Google reportedly testing new YouTube mobile UI with card-based design

Google might be testing a new YouTube mobile interface, if a new report is to be believed.

The Google Operating System blog, citing a Google+ user named Nedas Petravicius. claims that the Mountain View giant is working on a new YouTube mobile interface, which is reminiscent of YouTube’s Android mobile app. Nedas said on his Google+ post, “Google is testing a beautiful YouTube mobile web design.”

The blog notes some of the changes include a cleaner interface, with the description and the number of likes and dislikes placed below the YouTube video, along with a red subscribe and action buttons.

The blog also claims that the new YouTube mobile UI includes a new logo, hamburger menu-style, big thumbs for videos, new font style and a grey background

Android Police further lists some changes that include the slide-out navigation drawer, which the site claims could have been pulled from an Android app. The site also speculates that the search engine giant might be working on a card-based redesign of the desktop version of the YouTube also.

In addition, Android Police in a report has claimed that Chromecasting from embedded YouTube videos has been rolled out to all videos.

The report cites the Google’s Chromecast support page that reads, “Casting from YouTube is supported from the YouTube app, YouTube.com, and most embedded YouTube videos.”

The site also tested the new Chromecast feature in some YouTube videos and said, “Every embedded video so far has been compatible with the Chromecast.”

Earlier in February, Google added a new feature to its Search that showed users searching for a song or album the top music video result more prominently. The new Google Search displayed the music video on top of the regular results, generally from the artist’s official YouTube channel; however, sometimes the videos appeared from a random YouTube user also, apart from other video sites.

Source: http://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/news/google-reportedly-testing-new-youtube-mobile-ui-with-card-based-design-482015



Google asks Chromecast Developers to avoid ‘Porn Apps’ development

Google is at the center of technological innovations in the world with the new Chromecast set to roll out which is a dongle device that lets you stream web content into your PC from your smartphone and PCs.
Google has also asked the developers to start making new apps for this device. However, with the increased level of porn apps around, Google has also requested the app developers to abstain from developing porn apps which will enable to stream porn from PCs to the TV screens in order to make the device a more elegant thing rather than to just become famous because of the ability to stream porn to the TV.

Source http://www.tomsguide.com/us/how-to-chromecast-apps,news-18284.html

A flood of Chromecast apps are coming


Nine months has passed since Google announced the Chromecast, and now it seems the company is finally ready to let other developers play in their sandbox.

Ever since the day Google’s HDMI dongle was announced, the company seems to have been totally unprepared for the explosive popularity that surrounded the Chromecast platform. The hardware flew off the shelves the day it was released, and it took Google weeks to catch up. Despite opening a closed SDK for developers to test apps in a sandbox shortly after the launch, only a select few were chosen to release Chromecast support for their apps. Developers from every walk of life have had support in their apps for months, just waiting for Google to allow them to publish support for the platform. It looks like today is the day as the floodgates open for developers to publish Chromecast support through the new SDK.

According to Google, Chromecast support has been added to Android and to the actual Chromecast, with iOS support available shortly. These changes will make it so developers with existing apps — like the currently Chromecast-blacklisted AllCast app and Pocket Casts from Shifty Jelly — will be able to just push an update with support enabled and everything will just work.

Projects like the Lynxfit fitness app that combines Google Glass and Chromecast are now possible as well. AllCast’s developer, Koushik Dutta, has already announced plans to update his app soon and is even looking into allowing users to mirror their Android homescreens through other work he’s done recently with CyanogenMod.

This update is the thing developers have been waiting for from the moment the app was launched. While the Chromecast is a perfectly capable video streamer, and at $35 worth every penny even if all you’re doing is streaming HBO Go, this update will create a whole new world of opportunities for developers to do fun and exciting things on two screens. It’s a huge second step, one that many were concerned wasn’t coming after such a long delay, but now that it is here we can all sit back and watch as the apps come pouring in.

Source: http://www.geek.com/android/a-flood-of-chromecast-apps-are-coming-1583912/

Chromecast is now open to developers


Chromecast makes it easy to enjoy all of your favorite online content on a TV screen with the simple press of a button on your phone, tablet or laptop. We want to make it easier for that content to get to your TV, so today we’re releasing the Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers who want to build Chromecast support into their apps and websites. For the rest of us, that means even more of our favorite movies, TV shows and music will become available on Chromecast as developers work with the SDK. Just be on the lookout for the cast button in your favorite apps and websites across Android, iOS and Chrome.

If you’re a developer looking to bring your content to the big screen, head on over to the Google Developers Blogfor a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of it all. Meanwhile, for everyone else, a current list of apps that work with Chromecast can be found at chromecast.com/apps. Happy casting!
Posted by Ambarish Kenghe, Chromecast Product Manager and Cast Master
Posted at: http://chrome.blogspot.com.br/2014/02/chromecast-is-now-open-to-developers.html